Consequences Of Falling

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"When we were leaving I said: 'Hey Mike, can you take a picture?" and he was like: "Oh yeah no problem", so I grab fuzz and Mike’s about to get in the picture and I was like: 'No man! We don't want you in the picture! I said take the picture!’, so I hand him the camera and he just starts rolling, he was like: 'Oh my God, nobody's ever told me that!'.

One thing fuzz noticed was sometimes he would put his shades on, and then you’d look over and he had the shades off.

There were times in which I was just staring at him, and I’m on his fingers and you know what I’m saying? I’m just looking at him like: ‘Man! That’s Michael Jackson!’ I just wanted to get up and do thriller with him!”

-Radio host “Big Boy” on meeting Michael Jackson in studio in 2008

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Michael talks about his fans and being mobbed:

I appreciate them enjoying my music and what I do…and I guess that’s their way of showing how much they love ya.

But is that a difficult time for you? When people come up to you -

No, I’ve learned how to handle it.

How is that?